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Posted by hw71 - 13. März 2010

Laut nachfolgendem Bericht aus dem Telegraph haben über 25% der Immobilien-Kreditnehmer im Alter zwischen 35 und 44 Probleme ihre Kredit zurückzuzahlen, wenn ihnen bereits 300 Pfund im Monat fehlen. Und jeder achte hat seine persönliche Finanzsituation beschönigt, um z.B. einen größeren Kredit zu bekommen! Woher kenne ich das nur?!

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A quarter of home owners live on ‚financial precipice‘

The recession may be officially over, but more than a quarter of home owners risk losing their homes after admitting they are still living on a “financial precipice”.

By Myra Butterworth, Personal Finance Correspondent

Published: 7:00AM GMT 12 Mar 2010

Latest research suggested 26 per cent of borrowers aged between 35 and 44 would be unable to meet their mortgage repayments if they saw a £300 drop in their monthly income.

And one in eight adults in this age range has deliberately over-inflated their income to secure a larger loan, according to the YouGov research, commissioned credit reference agency Callcredit.

Graham Lund, managing director of Callcredit, said: “These statistics are extremely alarming. A significant proportion of these people, many with families to support, are living on a financial precipice where just one negative event, such as a reduction in paid overtime or an unexpected expense, could have disastrous financial consequences.”

It comes after the Council of Mortgage Lenders revealed last month that the number of people being evicted from their homes climbed to a 14-year high, with an average of 126 repossessions a day in the past year.

Mr Lund added: “If borrowers are inflating their income significantly and then maxes out their high credit limit, they are running a serious risk of getting into financial difficulties and being unable to repay the debt.”

The research also showed a drop in the proportion of people paying off their credit card bills in full each month with 5 per cent of people who previously paid their bills in full now paying just the minimum or a fixed amount. The figure rises to 7 per cent for those aged between 35 and 44 years.

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